Google Drive Audit

Drill-down reporting for files, permissions and user activity

File and Permissions Reporting

  • Clear breakdown of all files and permission sets
  • Quickly sort public and shared files
  • Color coding allows quick visual identification of public and shared assets
  • Graph shows file

User Reporting

  • Quickly sort users within your domain and outside users who have access to 1 or more document within your domain
  • External domain level breakdown provides valuable insight into collaboration efforts within the organization.
  • Individual user report shows key file activities such as sharing download and trashing.
  • User Service Usage shows Drive quota vs current usage, 2FA status and more

Domain Level Reporting

  • Domain Dashboard shows all domains with access to files or domains where files are shared with users on your domain.
  • Mark domains as approved or unapproved for quick sorting.
  • Revoke all file permissions for a given domain or user with a single click.

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