Data Driven Security for Everyone


Hornwerk Analytics is a Denver based company founded on the idea that security products should be easy to use, quick to setup and deliver immediate value to users of all backgrounds.

At Hornwerk Analytics, we believe the future will be more collaborative and less centralized. We founded our company in 2016 with over 20 years experience in network security and the idea that data analytics and context will soon drive many of our security decisions. As sharing data becomes more and more integral to the way people work, tracking it becomes both more important and more complicated. We will give you insight into the way your data is shared so you can be smart in your collaboration.


—   Lynn Haney

Lynn has been developing security and network software for 20 years. He has worked with several successful startups involved with improving wireless network security through PKI and certificate-based technologies. He believes the future of security will be driven by data analytics, and created Hornwerk in order to help give users a more contextual, higher level view of collaborative data.

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