Getting Started

This page will walk you through the necessary checks and steps to get your domain running with Hornwerk Analytics.

Verify your domain is using a compatible G Suite plan

The app depends on functionality provided by the Standard, Basic or Enterprise plans.  If you have Free GSuite plan, the API necessary for our integration is not available.  You may verify your plan in the Google Admin Console or by navigating to and selecting the Billing option.

Verify you are a Super Admin within your G Suite Domain

A Super Admin role is required to install the Hornwerk Application in the GSuite Domain.  You can verify your administrator level by navigating to  From there, click the users icon and select your user account.  Verify the Super Admin status as in the image below.

Install the Hornwerk app in your domain

Install the app in your domain.

Install App
Complete the registration process

Enter the necessary information and complete the signup process.

Create additional administrators

Adding additional administrators will allow other users to log into the Hornwerk console to view data.  You may add any user on your domain to the list of administrators, regardless of their assigned roles (Super Admin, Admin, etc) within Google G Suite.  All administrators will be able to see all information within the Hornwerk console.

By default, administrators will be configured to authenticate via Google.  With this configuration, you may click the ‘Sign in with Google’ button from the login screen and login via Google.  If you are already logged into your G Suite account, you will not be prompted for additional information.

You may configure local accounts by changing the setting in Account Profile (Upper right icon)->Account Profile -> Account : Authentication Source.  Changing this to Local Database will allow admin accounts to be created with an email address and password.

If you encounter any difficulties with setting up your account, please reach out to us through support.